The tools you need for the systems you have

  • Create contextual shipping experiences your customers will love
  • Guarantee efficiency with intelligent fulfillment logic and packaging optimization
  • Multi-carrier one-stop fulfillment built right into the backend of Magento
  • Display multiple delivery options and watch your conversions soar
Magento 2.0
  • A new era of commerce innovation is here

  • Amazon-esque shipping experiences for everyone

  • Trusted shipping platform for global commerce

  • Use delivery options in the cart to increase conversion rates

IBM Commerce Ready
  • Seamlessly integrate with IBM Commerce Solutions including Websphere Commerce, Sterling Order Management and Call Center
  • Offer delivery options for the modern consumer; create shipping experiences that surprise and delight
  • Unprecedented access to multiple carriers and efficient fulfillment processes
  • Augment Manhattan’s Scope® and Scale® by punching out and into Temando’s platform for multi-carrier connectivity
  • Combine rich shipping experiences with cost-optimized, efficient fulfillment in Manhattan
  • Get closer to your customers with customized delivery experiences
  • Centralize all B2B carrier services in Manhattan
  • Seamless API integration with NetSuite, OneWorld, SuiteCommerce and Business Intelligence
  • Keep a handle on costs with deeply integrated reporting and reconciliation functionality for shipments
  • Own the fulfillment process by tailoring your carrier mix to suit the needs of your customers
  • Plug into Demandware’s ‘buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere’ mantra by printing carrier-compliant labels on-demand from any fulfillment location
  • Automate the fulfillment process from the shopping cart to your customers door
  • Increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment by giving your customers delivery options and displaying delivery costs every step of the way
  • Seamlessly manage fulfillment execution with all your logistics partners through a single API integration with Temando
  • Drive seamless order execution through absolute visibility and fulfillment efficiency
  • More than B2C; Temando’s powerful API can connect to just about any system for efficient B2B shipping
  • Plug in the final piece of the puzzle for a seamless fulfillment experience across hybris products, whether you’re shipping B2B, B2C or a combination of both
  • Access multiple carriers and print carrier-compliant labels from any fulfillment location; warehouses, stores, drop shippers
  • Integrate into your existing processes for efficiency, visibility and a better customer experience
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry and handwritten labels forever
  • Ship it your way with easy to set shipping preferences
  • Be transparent. Increase your sales by showing accurate shipping costs
  • Automate everything - carrier selection, shipping labels and tracking emails - all without lifting a finger
  • Ship and fulfill orders like a boss

  • Shipping experiences your customers will love you for

  • Advanced mutli-carrier platform that automates everything

Temando's suite of APIs allow you to incorporate the intelligence of Temando in the business systems you have with minimal integration effort
  • Powerful APIs for the modern developer

  • Temando’s suite of products are powered by intelligent APIs. You decide which systems need our intelligence at what time. Use our Multi-Carrier Engine  API to  access 100’s of carriers services from around the world

  • Create shipping experiences in your shopping cart, no matter what the platform you use with our Shipping Options Engine API

  • Ship-from-store with your POS and fulfill from stores or warehouses with stock on using our Fulfillment Optimization Engine API

  • The Order Engine API  is your blank canvas to bring all your marketplaces and shopping carts together in one and start shipping 

  • Track shipments and pass tracking information into any system with our Tracking API 

  • Make returns easy for your shoppers with the full power of the Returns API