Meet the demands of the always-on consumer

Get even more out of Hybris with your solution partners and our API
  • Access multiple B2B and B2C carrier services through a simple API integration with Temando
  • Print carrier-compliant labels from any fulfillment location; warehouses, stores, drop shippers
  • Instantaneous address validation for accurate quoting and increased deliverability
  • Upload your own negotiated carrier rates and services or access those already on the system
  • Rate shop selected carriers based on origination and destination
  • Process 1 order or 10,000 at a time without relying on a carrier's system
  • Automated invoice reconciliation - a win for accounts teams everywhere.
  • Augment hybris’ customer-centric logic and increase conversions by giving customers delivery options; 3 hour, same day, overnight, standard, etc.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by displaying shipping costs at a product level
  • Create shipping promotions based on customer type, cart value, shipping destination, time of day, etc
  • Feed tracking information into your website pages and send shipping confirmation emails to keep customers up to speed with their delivery
  • Print carrier-compliant labels on-demand from any fulfillment location for true B2B2C framework
  • Automate the fulfillment process from the shopping cart to your customers door
  • Create shipping efficiencies by displaying shipping costs at a SKU level, or virtually packaging multiple items in a virtual box for absolute shipping cost accuracy
  • Integrate your returns processes or have us create a custom-branded Returns Portal for you; allow your customers to print their own returns label for an exceptional experience
  • Create fulfillment rules around stock levels, customer location and many more variables
  • Manage your international carriers right alongside your domestic ones and let Temando simplify shipping in your borderless world
  • Quickly and easily generate all the necessary, compliant international shipping documentation
  • Display fully-landed costs in local currencies; no nasty surprises for the receiver!
  • Leverage your HS codes or get Temando to harmonize them for you
  • Turn on new regions as you grow and let Temando help you with your world domination
Where to from here?

Our API is a beautiful thing. Use it to integrate with your existing systems and unleash the power of Temando. 

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