IBM Sterling

IBM is the suite of choice for global enterprise commerce and it just got a little smarter

Integrate Temando into IBM Sterling with your solution partners and our API
  • Easily integrate with IBM Sterling Commerce
  • Request all required shipping information through Temando’s powerful API’s
  • Get instant access to multiple international and regional carriers for efficient B2B and B2C shipping
  • Seamlessly access your negotiated carrier rates and take advantage of Temando’s shipping intelligence
  • Rate shop your selected carriers based on origination and destination
  • Integrate Temando into your eCommerce platform to combine rich shipping experiences with cost-optimized multi-carrier fulfillment in Sterling
  • Create a seamless customer experience
  • Leverage IBM Sterling’s powerful Warehouse Management capability and Order Management logic to create world-leading fulfillment with Temando
  • Optimize your distribution networks and print carrier-compliant labels from anywhere
  • Automate the fulfillment process from the shopping cart to your customers door
  • Create shipping efficiencies by displaying shipping costs at a SKU level, or virtually packaging multiple items in a virtual box for absolute shipping cost accuracy
  • Access trusted international and domestic carriers
  • Leverage your HS codes or get Temando to harmonize them for you
  • Produce all compliant international shipping documentation
Where to from here?

Our API is a beautiful thing. Use it to integrate with your existing systems and unleash the power of Temando. 

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