Unprecedented business agility through Supply Chain Optimisation

Integrate Temando with help from your solution partners and our API
  • Augment Manhattan’s Scope® and Scale® by punching out and into Temando’s platform for multi-carrier connectivity
  • Manage transportation execution with all your B2B and B2C logistics partners through a single API integration with Temando
  • Use Temando to rate shop carriers for the cheapest and fastest services based on origination and destination
  • Reconcile actual shipping costs with quoted costs and use this information to feed into Manhattan’s powerful suite of reporting tools
  • Generate compliant consignment labels and shipping documentation by fulfillment location
  • Build for infinite scale - we’ll ease your growing pains
  • Integrate Temando into your eCommerce platform to combine rich shipping experiences with cost-optimized, multi-carrier fulfillment in Manhattan
  • Ship from multiple locations; warehouses, drop shippers, stores and offer click and collect
  • Create a true omni-channel experience for your customers
  • Let your customers decide how they want their order shipped - standard, express, same day, 3 hour
  • Create shipping-cost efficiency by charging the real cost of shipping based on product data
  • Design shipping promotions based on cart value, customer location, time of day, etc
  • Add tracking links into customer communications
  • Leverage Manhattan’s extensive supply chain process platform with multi-carrier B2B and B2C connectivity
  • Optimize Manhattan’s multi-location fulfillment with intelligent shipping options by fulfillment location
  • Drive seamless order execution through absolute visibility and fulfillment efficiency
  • Print and reprint carrier-compliant labels on the fly from any fulfillment location
  • Integrate your returns processes or have us create a custom-branded Returns Portal for you; allow your customers to print their own returns label
  • Integrate international carriers and let Temando facilitate your global expansion
  • Generate all required compliant international shipping documentation
  • Display fully-landed costs in local currencies
  • Leverage your HS codes or get Temando to harmonize them for you
  • Turn on new regions as you grow and create your own borderless-world
Where to from here?

Our API is a beautiful thing. Use it to integrate with your existing systems and unleash the power of Temando. 

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