Customer Returns Portal

What happens if the shoe doesn’t fit?


An integrated returns experience
Because returning products should be easy
  • Give your customers a choice in how they return their products

  • Turn a potentially negative experience into a glowing one - make your brand the hero of the day with an awesome and easy returns process

  • Control your brand experience with custom branding throughout

  • Easily reconcile returns once they've returned to your warehouse or store

Give your customers choice
Take the pain away and increase loyalty
  • Display carrier pickup or postal collection and let your customers decide what suits them

  • Free or paid returns - use whatever works for your business

  • Approved returns only or universal access - you shape your process

Fits like a glove
Our flexible returns module easily integrates with your existing systems
  • Integrate the process into your shopping cart or deploy as a standalone portal
  • Return to a single or multiple locations

  • Returns can be extracted and imported into ERP or OMS for returns reconciliation

Let's explore a solution for your business