Expand into new markets

All your international carriers in one system
  • Display international shipping options and prices in the shopping cart
  • Calculate duties and taxes in the cart
  • Manage international carriers alongside your domestic carriers in one platform
  • Easily turn on new regions as you grow
Harmonize your way through customs
  • Configure Temando to access your stored HS codes and include on all shipping documentation
  • Incomplete or missing HS codes entirely? Don’t worry, we can generate these guys for you
It’s all about the right documentation
  • Set up Temando to produce all commercial invoices, CN22’s, CN 38’s, Airway Bills MAWB - name the compliant documents you need and we’ll automate the generation for you
  • We can even pre-clear customs via manifest and submit on the behalf of the carrier, if you ask us nicely...
Looks great - where to from here?

Connect Temando with your existing business systems and enjoy beautiful fulfillment.