You’ve built a business from scratch and it’s turning into a rocket ship

If you’re having trouble getting carriers to believe in your business, you know your customer experience should be better but you’re battling to fulfill all your overnight orders. Temando has the tools to make life easier for you.

“I thought the hardest part of starting a business was coming up with the idea. But in reality, that’s only half the story - trying to work with all the carriers I need to ship my product range has been really difficult with low volumes”

Built into Temando’s software solutions are rates that are automatically available. Temando understands building a business is hard enough without trying to manage all your shipping yourself. All you need to do is select the appropriate carriers, their services and you’re away. The best bit is now you can quote and book all your orders with multiple carriers in one place and you’ll only get one invoice. Brilliant.

“My customers always email me and ask to speed up delivery. I’m not a magician.”

Customer expectations have changed a lot over the years and the age of ‘instant gratification’ has a lot to do with it. With Temando you can anticipate your customers needs by displaying relevant delivery options in your shopping cart. Depending on what they value, you can easily display standard, express or even 3 hour delivery. Your customer will choose what's right for them, paying for expedited services and you won’t miss another sale.

“Trying to manually fulfill orders with 3-4 individual carriers is, well - it gets a little emotional.”

Handwriting consignment notes, uploading your orders into multiple carrier systems is time consuming and can cost you a lot of money. Temando solves all this by integrating fulfillment capability and automation right into the back end of your website. Orders come in, a few rules are applied and with a couple of clicks the carrier is on the way. Way faster, happy customers, happy life.

At Temando, we get you!

Running a business and dominating life is tough. Temando puts you back in the drivers seat.