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Consumer expectations have changed and legacy systems are slowing growth

The future belongs to businesses who are nimble in the face of change. In many cases, responding to changing market conditions is the toughest challenge. This challenge is further compounded by the investment in legacy systems and budget owners playing the long game.

We work very closely with global enterprises and we’re hearing you.

“3 years ago, we were doing fine. Our recent customer research highlighted just how bad our delivery service has become.”

For years, the competition has been eating away at your market share with their customer centric mantra. With Temando, you actually can put the consumer at the heart of everything you do. Cliches aside, almost overnight you can start serving contextual delivery experiences to your customers and you can start competing evenly in the war for their affection.

“Our CFO is increasingly concerned with OPEX. Our growth is steady but our expenses are increasing rapidly and we don’t know how to stop the bleeding”

With Temando, you can get instant visibility into your entire fulfillment value chain. Temando can provide reconciled invoicing, so you always know exactly what you have shipped compared to what you should have been charged. With transparency comes accountability and you’re in control.

"We've been to a few conferences recently and ‘adapt or die’ seems to be the general consensus."

Changing consumer value perceptions, driven by the instant gratification needs of today’s Gen Y buyer, have shaken some enterprises to their bones. All is not lost, you can pivot and you can do so quickly. Temando provides the levers for change. If your customers are screaming for same day or 3 hour services, you can easily turn them on. If your industry vertical suddenly starts offering Free Shipping and it becomes a norm, you can adapt easily but in a way that maintains your profitability.

“Operationally, we need to focus on efficiency. Time is money.”

With all your carriers safely in Temando and all your business systems pushing and pulling the right information, Temando can create significant operational efficiencies across your business portfolio. Temando provides the technical conduit for inter departmental co-operation. Marketers can set expectations on the front-end while operationally, you know that what you're promising to consumers can be delivered on and it’s cost effective in terms of the actual cost of delivery and the time it takes to process.

“We need a fulfillment platform that works with our existing systems and doesn't take forever to deploy”

Temando’s API’s are built to integrate with. We have close relationships with enterprise technology partners, including IBM, Manhattan, Oracle and Hybris. Temando seamlessly integrates with many of today's leading Commerce platforms and we work very closely with internal IT departments or System Integrators to ensure rapid speed to market.

Security and system integrity are important. Why should we trust you?

Our dedicated platform team ensure the security and performance of Temando’s core platform API’s are secured and encrypted via SSL. We give you peace of mind through our two tier architecture and direct access to data is tightly restricted and only possible via VPN. All payment information is stored within a PCI DSS compliant gateway and our compliance standards include HIPPA, Safe Harbour, Truste, and SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II standards. Your business continuity and data protection is everything to us - if you require any particular certificates - just let us know.

We ship over 10 million parcels a year. Can Temando take the heat?

Temando is designed for infinite scale. The Temando system processes over 7 million data transactions a day and is architectured to handle over 20 million and counting. We have designed Temando for growth and can easily spin up dedicated environments to support our largest enterprise clients.

At Temando, we get you!

Personalized experiences will augment your brand. Supply chain visibility is everything.