Small to Medium-sized Enterprise

Things got a little crazy but now its time to set the foundation for world domination

Most eCommerce platforms, ERP or WMS systems do not provide integrated carriers out-of- the-box. It’s typically up to you to bring your carriers along to the party and it can be tough to give them the right information at the right time to achieve your customer SLAs. Not to mention maintaining your product margins in the process.

We've been solving this problem for a while now. Temando can integrate with your existing business systems and can scale to meet your needs.

"We’re migrating to a more comprehensive eCommerce solution and we need to streamline our fulfillment process as it’s starting to cost us a lot of money."

Gone are the days of the proprietary platform. Merchants are moving on mass to a combination of specialist platforms that enable them to easily adapt to the ever changing business environment. Temando’s software plugs into these platforms to provide access to an intelligent platform that can manage orders, book carriers, print labels, manage locations, packaging and more.

“Our business ships thousands of shipments a year and my carriers give me a good rate for my volume”

Awesome. You deserve it. Carriers have been around a long time and in many cases have outstanding relationships with their clients. Temando’s platform has been built with this in mind. Simply provide us with your negotiated rates and we’ll load them into the Temando system. We call this 'facilitated shipping' and for a nominal fee you can access your very own carrier rates and still take advantage of Temando’s power.

“In the age of commoditized product ranges and dubious customer loyalty, our brand is a shining light in the darkness.”

Temando lets you create shipping experiences that match your brand experience. If you’re selling a premium product, you can’t have it turn up in a tattered box 3 days later than the customer expected it. With Temando, you can assign specific carrier services with specific product SKU’s on the fly and only display the shipping option to those customers who meet the criteria i.e a loyalty member or a customer within a ZIP code range. You can even specify which SKU should go in what type of box, ensuing your billing is always accurate.


Yup, we’re tired of it too. Let’s just create one amazing experience no matter how a consumer tries to shop with you. Let’s just do things a little smarter together and hopefully we can all make the world a better place.

“We have fifty retail stores, 5 central warehouses, twenty dropshippers and we want to weaponize all of it!”

This is where Temando can really bring ship-from-store and your entire fulfillment infrastructure to life. If you can provide access to your inventory feed, Temando is able to consume inventory at any location. Through intelligent order routing, Temando can match a customer ZIP code with the location of the closest piece of available stock and select the most cost effective carrier service to get it there. Our fulfillment logic can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

“Our eCommerce manager is always throwing around the buzzwords and ‘conversion optimization’ is the latest.”

Material increases in conversion rates can be worth millions of dollars to a growing business. Temando allows marketers to harness the power of shipping to influence conversion rates in the shopping cart. Depending on what your customers value, you can display a selection of express, 3 hour or even click n collect. Where the intelligence comes in is that Temando will only display a 3 hour delivery option to the consumer if delivery is possible; aligning customer expectation with carrier capability and keeping everyone happy.

“My margins are tight and flat rate shipping is killing me. There has got to be a better way”

Today’s merchant is diversified with SKUs ranging from t-shirts to computers to literally the kitchen sink. We know you need multiple carriers but it’s the technical intelligence to assign product SKUs with carrier services and charge for expedited services that really protects your margin. Wouldn't it be great if you could push these services through to the front of your shopping cart too? We've thought of all of this and more. Shipping doesn't have to be a cost center.

At Temando, we get you!

You've invested a lot in your customers affection and in your business systems - now you need the technical intelligence to bring them to life.