Fulfillment Optimization Engine

 Intelligent order routing across multiple locations


Route orders between retail stores, warehouses and consumer locations
  • Create multiple warehouse locations across distribution centres, physical stores and drop shippers
  • Use Temando to augment your current order management by intelligently routing single orders or split shipments to the nominated fulfillment location, warehouse, 3PL or store, whatever location is closest to your customer’s ZIP code

  • Set up dropshipper permissions to view only the orders they are responsible for and streamline the flow of information

Ship from stores or warehouses with available inventory
  • Fulfill from anywhere with multi-location fulfillment support

  • Use stores as part of your distribution strategy by shipping from stores.

  • Connect your inventory management system to make intelligent fulfillment decisions based on stock availability

Virtually package all your products in their rightful boxes
  • Minimize shipping costs by predetermining the packaging type for each consignment while your customer is in the shopping cart
  • Know how many products you can fit in a box

  • Assign specific box sizes by location with specific carriers and keep your shipping prices accurate

  • Packaging rating - use your carrier's packaging for cheaper rates

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