Shipping Options

Deliver Amazon-esque shipping experiences 

Shipping Options
Delivering Amazon-esque shipping experiences in the shopping cart
  • Increase conversions by displaying relevant shipping options in the shopping cart
  • Your customers want choice - give them the option of selecting their preferred delivery method 

  • Curate ZIP code specific shipping experiences, combining ship-from-store to enable hyper-local delivery

  • Display a relevant selection of Same Day, Next Day,  Standard Shipping and rename the services to suit your brand

Easily configure shipping promotions and drive conversions
  • Manage and display Free Shipping promotions based on SKU, loyalty and basket size 
  • Rename shipping options in the shopping cart to match your brand; express shipping can easily become ‘The Speed of Sound’. It’s your brand, you decide

  • Set your own rules around what a customer pays for shipping - subsidise shipping, add a little margin, even offer free shipping - all at the click of a button

There is beauty in simplicity with our easy to configure shipping rules
  • Create shipping rules and fire them if your customer matches your desired experience

  • Easily apply business rules to control which carriers are selected based on predefined criteria, such as ZIP Code ranges, SKU ranges, fulfillment location, etc.

  • Spread the cost of shipping across the entire country and keep your conversions up in regional areas

  • Create rules such as ‘cheapest and fastest’ to automatically select the cheapest carrier to send goods from your warehouse or store to a customer’s door

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