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Our clients expect results, and Temando comes through with the goods. More conversions, increased average order values and more cost-effective processes - our intelligent fulfillment platform is geared to assist you in achieving your goals. Read our customer stories to discover what your business could achieve with Temando.

The Party People

See how The Party People saved $40,000 by automating shipping and fulflment with Temando. 


Iconic Australian fashion accessory brand, Louenhide, turns to Temando to assist them scale their operation. See how Temando helped them turn their manual, inefficient delivery process into a winner, just in time for their big warehouse sale.

Krispy Kreme

See how Krispy Kreme did away with their manual, unscalable process and created an efficient solution that brings their brand's iconic experience to life across all of their channels.

Paddy Pallin

See how Paddy Pallin overcame their shipping challenges with Temando. Read how Temando's Magento Extension has provided Paddy Pallin with a powerful tool to manage ther fulfillment process.

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