"We have experienced improvements in efficiency that have taken us from the stone age to the light age."

Louenhide’s existing delivery process was largely manual, prone to inefficiencies and imposed a bottleneck on fulfillment that was hindering growth. 

With their online store is currently growing at 30% per year, Louenhide realised that if they wanted to scale, they would need to integrate the right partners into their Magento eCommerce software and re-evaluate their distribution and fulfillment model.

"Before we implemented Temando, the process was arduous and there was a need for human intervention at every step."

Temando’s Shipping Extension for Magento automates and streamlines Louenhide’s fulfillment process with intelligent tools that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are minimised using Temando’s packaging logic which optimises packing of multiple items and multiple orders. 

  • Driving Online Sales

Temando’s Rule Engine is core to the fulfillment platform and empowers Louenhide with a comprehensive toolkit to drive revenue opportunities. 

  • First-Class Customer Service

Louenhide’s customers also benefit from the new fulfillment platform. Temando provides customers with more shipping options and the visibility to track their own orders. 

  • Lightning-Fast Turnaround 

With the fulfillment process completely automated and lightning-fast label generation, Louenhide sends orders out the door in a fraction of the time with minimal human intervention.

"The increase in sales is something we would not have managed without the help of Temando. We have experienced improvements in efficiency that have taken us from the stone age to the light age."
  • 1 day per week saved in automated fulfillment
  • 2 hours per day saved in customer service

Temando’s Shipping Extension for Magento was implemented just one week prior to the Louenhide end of season sale, where online orders doubled. 

Marketing Manager, Holly Tattersal,  recalls one particular day during the sale where there were 500 orders to process. This amount of orders was ‘unheard of for the business’ and posed the ultimate test for the new Temando extension.

Thanks to the Temando platform, these orders were all shipped successfully - in the same day.

"We were able to manage the sale smoothly because we had Temando. It would have taken us three times as long without Temando to get the orders out the door."
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