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James McQueen, Webmaster at Paddy Pallin, talks why Paddy Pallin decided to integrate Temando with their Magento store.


When Paddy Pallin first approached Temando they were having issues effectively managing their online shipping. Having access to only one carrier was restrictive as they sent items ranging from t-shirts through to tents. Additionally, they did not have a technology solution to manage their shipping process and as such, relied on manual data entry with minimal carrier compliance.

‘We had double data entry… difficulties generating pick slips and labels and consignments. Every step of the back-end management involved friction and we struggled to streamline the approach. That was our main motivation to seek out Temando.’

Temando's Magento Extension has provided Paddy Pallin with a powerful tool to manage their fulfillment process. They now have access to multiple carriers in one system, allowing them to reach all of Australia and benefit from excellent rates at the same time. Temando has given the Paddy Pallin team visibility over their orders and streamlined their fulfillment process. Now, Paddy Pallin enjoys:

  • No manual data entry
  • One-stop fulfillment
  • Faster, more consistent order turnaround times
  • Increased order visibility
  • Reduce head count required to process orders
  • Pick slip and label generation
  • The ability to choose from multiple carrier quotes for each order
‘I love the fact that everything is in Magento so that our staff don’t have to go into other admin panels or freight provider sites. Every order has full transparency.’
Paddy Pallin Webmaster James McQueen
Looking Forward

Since integrating, Paddy Pallin has also activated Temando's Click & Collect functionality. This allows them to drive their online audience in store and provide a more personalised level of service to their customers. As they grow and look to move into a central fulfillment center, Paddy Pallin is confident Temando will continue to enable them to surprise and delight their customers.

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