Temando's Global Shipping Platform


Connecte les transporteurs aux e-commerçants et les e-commerçants aux clients finaux

Temando est le partenaire technologique privilégié de Magento pour la gestion des commandes et des expéditions

Master the art of shipping

Turn shipping into a retail tool and set the foundation for business growth

Reduce Shipping Costs
Reduce Costs

Automate shipping processes and access negotiated or pre-negotiated shipping rates

Increase Ecommerce Sales
Increase Sales

Create demand and increase sales by displaying shipping options customers convert on

Grow your Business

From your first shipment to your billionth, our platform scales as you grow

Temando Shipping Software
All your shipping and fulfillment in one platform

Combining shipping experiences, multi-carrier connectivity and lightning fast fulfillment in one solution

Carrier Choice 

Core to Temando is a powerful multi-carrier platform. Access USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and more 

No More Manual Shipments

Sync orders from your online channels into Temando for multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment

Lower Cart Abandonment 

Over 50% of cart abandonment is due to shipping. Use Temando to create Amazon-esque shipping experiences in the cart

Streamline Fulfillment 

Seamlessly pick, pack and dispatch from your warehouse or retail store

Sell & Ship from Anywhere

Sell anywhere, ship from anywhere - deliver on your omni-channel strategy

Intelligence from Cart to Door

Automate the entire shipping process from the shopping cart to the customer's door

Smart Inventory Routing 

Deliver from warehouses, stores or drop shippers closest to your customers location with stock on hand

Generate Shipping Labels 

Easily generate all your shipping labels and manifests with any carrier 

Customer Tracking 

Let your customers know where their parcel is every step of the way

Backed by Neopost Shipping, a global leader in communication and shipping technology

800,000 Users

800,000 Customers

1.28 Billion revenue


Global Reach across 31 Countries

31 Countries

6000 employees globally

6000 Employees

From your first shipment to your billionth

Trusted by 55,000 retailers and merchants worldwide

The State of Shipping in Commerce 2016
Etat des lieux des expéditions dans l’e-commerce en 2016

La livraison est maintenant une priorité pour le succès du e-commerce.

Notre étude examine les challenges clés de la livraison pour les entreprises de toutes tailles, ainsi que les fortes attentes de leurs clients dans ce domaine.


We're all about collaboration. You know your business and we know shipping.