IBM Websphere

IBM Websphere est l’outil adapté aux entreprises globales du e-commerce pour lesquelles nous proposons d’améliorer encore d’avantage la logique de gestion de commande

Profitez de la puissance d'IBM Websphere et de Temando grâce à vos partenaires solutions et à nos APIs
  • Temando can integrate with IBM Websphere to display selected delivery options from our multi-carrier platform 
  • Request all required shipping information through Temando’s powerful API
  • Get instant access to multiple international and regional carrier quotes
  • Seamlessly access your negotiated carrier rates and take advantage of Temando’s shipping intelligence
  • Differentiate your brand experience by personalizing the shipping experience
  • Display a range of shipping options; Standard, Same-day, 3 hour
  • Set consumer expectations by intelligently displaying shipping options based on ‘what’s possible’ to a customers location
  • Increase conversions by letting customers decide if they are willing to pay for shipping
  • Get instant access to carrier metrics and easily change available options on the fly
  • Create shipping promotions based on cart value, loyalty or customer location
  • Protect your product margins by charging the real cost of shipping for specific SKU’s
  • Integrate tracking statuses straight into your account pages for seamless customer experience
  • Typically, IBM Websphere is deployed with IBM Sterling to provide some of the most powerful order management decisions on earth
  • Leverage IBM Sterling’s order management logic to bring ship-from-store to life
  • Where IBM Sterling is not available, fulfillment can be optimized through a Temando interface
  • Access trusted international and domestic carriers
  • Display international shipping options to your target regions
  • Display accurate international carrier pricing in foreign currencies
  • Leverage your HS codes or get Temando to harmonize them for you
  • Calculate duties and taxes in the shopping cart
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Utilisez notre API pour intégrer Temando dans vos systèmes existants et libérer sa puissance.

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