Les transporteurs dont vous avez besoin, dans un système qui évolue avec votre entreprise

All your carriers in one system
  • Select any B2B or B2C carrier services you need through our unique multi-carrier platform
  • Whether you're shipping high-end fashion or kitchenware, you’ll find the carrier services you need
  • Least cost route like a pro, easily select the cheapest and fastest carrier service
  • Book all your orders in batches of 1 to 10,000 using all your carriers - we’ll take the pain away
  • Easily create manifests for carriers in seconds
  • Address verification for increased delivery and quoting accuracy
Use your negotiated carrier rates or select from a range of rates available in the platform - the choice is yours
  • Temando is a hybrid rates system where you can choose managed, facilitated or a special combination of carrier rates
  • Cubic carrier pricing ready, so no need to worry how a carrier calculates the cost of shipping your goods
  • Get up and running quickly with Temando’s managed shipments - pre-loaded carrier rates out of the box
  • Like to work with your selected carriers directly? Simply upload your chosen carriers rate structures for a nominal fee and manage everything yourself with Temando’s facilitated shipments option
  • Want the best of both worlds? We can load your negotiated rates and facilitate them or you can select any carrier rate available in the system
Lightning fast label generation
  • Produce a consignment label at the speed of light (well, in less than <200ms anyway!)
  • All consignment labels are pre-formatted and carrier compliant to breeze through their networks
  • Generate, re-generate - print and reprint labels as you need them
  • Add your logo for the personal touch and include a self addressed return label for a seamless customer experience
  • Print PDF, ZPL label formats depending on your printing process
  • Create picking slips with your warehouse locations
  • Setup scan and print functionality
Highly scalable bulk order processing
  • Set up small jobs or big jobs
  • Process orders one at a time or 10,000 at a time
  • Automate carrier selection based on customer location and pre-defined business rules
  • Intuitive interfaces to support different departmental needs
The devil is in the detail
  • Access by carrier DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) out of the box
  • Create detailed reports that dive deep on your supply chain and highlight process improvements that will enhance your customer experience
  • Get reports in graphical or CSV format by carrier and upload into your existing business systems for further granular analysis
  • If you are dying to understand a particular metric, just ask - we’ll get you across it
At last. Reconciled billing - a small victory for finance departments
  • Increased visibility across your entire fulfillment value chain
  • If you are using our pre-packaged managed rates, you’ll be pleased to know all of your freight charges will be itemized on one invoice and delivered already reconciled
  • We guarantee the managed rates in our system are accurate and any discrepancies can be raised with the carriers directly
  • If you’re using our facilitated rates, great news - we can reconcile these too
More uptime… super fast response times
  • Excluding the odd bit of system maintenance, we operate an impressive 99.95% system uptime so your business can keep on keepin’ on
  • Generate a consignment label in <200ms
  • By the time your customer finishes entering their ZIP code, we will return a shipping price in 650ms
  • A whole days manifest can be completed in seconds
  • As Temando holds your carrier rates, our platform doesn’t rely on carrier systems. If the carrier’s system goes down, you’ll still be up and running BAU
  • The Temando system is enterprise grade. We could go on but we won’t…

Ça a l'air formidable, comment faire ?

La technologie Temando est disponible par API et s’intègre facilement à vos systèmes d’informations existants (plateformes e-Commerce, WMS, OMS, ERP…); mettez en œuvre très simplement une gestion efficace de vos expéditions.